Tuesday, 23 June 2015


    The best present you can give to the woman of your dreams might be a ring, a flower, a necklace, or maybe your heart, but when it comes to material gifts specially jewelry , she is always going to search the perfect box. The level of detail made for this box is quite high and very pretty.

     Made for 3 mm material for laser cutting (which can easy achieve that level of detail) or CNC (level of detail might be ruined in the sharp corners so I wouldn't recommend using the CNC) is what makes this box the perfect gift for all those perfect gifts that you made. If you want to get involved in the "Making Off" you can even chose the perfect material with the right texture am make it on a scroll saw.

I must say I can see this one made not from MDF or Plexiglas but more likely made from Purple Heart wood or Padauk.

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