Friday, 26 June 2015


       This is the beginning of a long series of furniture projects most of them made out of wood using conventional methods for woodworking and woodcraft and some might be designed as 3D Puzzle furniture, the type of furniture you can easily assemble and disassemble over and over again.

     This project was made for myself originally, but I decided to share it with all of you. I chose my building material to be acacia because is easy to find in my area and because it can last for many years outdoor in the rain and snow. If you can apply a protective coat of varnish or lacquer is even better. If assembled correctly it will last maybe for generations.

           Of course you will need to take care of it by applying every few years another protective coating.
           This is not an original idea of mine. I found it on the web, but right now I can't find the exact link where I found it.

          So I followed the same structural design, but with my dimensions and some extra curves, not too much, just enough to give it a more presentable look.

         If you found this project interesting share it with your friends.

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